Fully Hands on
w/ OFF Camera Lighting

Doing is learning!

To set yourself apart you need to be using off camera flash.

Rather than standing in a cramped flock of 9 attendees, hovering on top of each other trying to shoot the same model,

workshop participants will be divided into teams of 3. They will rotate through the roles of photographer/ director, assistant, and lighting assistant while working with a model alongside an instructor.

OFF camera lighting kits will be provided, making this a tremendous opportunity for those new to OFF camera lighting technique.

Seasoned shooters will obtain amazing new portfolio images, and newer shooters’ confidence will be soaring!

Quantum Leaps in Learning w/ On-location image reviews

Seeing results & getting feedback while the shooting is still fresh is critical for learning. Enter the Magic of Monstro, our Mobile Studio! After shooting, the workshop will move to post production.  

We will teach you our digital workflow and how we edit in Adobe Lightroom.

Each participant will have a turn for one-on-one time with instructors in the mobile studio to review their images on large 24" displays.

This is where serious learning occurs, as students analyze, ask questions, and gain understanding as to why they did or didn’t get certain results.

Imagine how beneficial this will be for improving areas of shooting with which you struggle!

Epic Workshops is serious about your photography and learning. Having Monstro for this on-location image review ensures real progress to your craft!

Is the workshop right for me?

If you want take your photography to the next level, you are going to LOVE Epic Workshops! Wedding, fashion, portrait, and adventure photographers will all find subject matter relevant to their niches. Our talent will be modeling some fashion wardrobe. Also, feel free to coordinate with us for any wardrobe you wish our talent to model.

Read on to make sure you meet physical and skill baselines:

Current Photographic Skill: Photographers of varying levels will benefit immensely from the workshop.

Seasoned pros will love the models, world class locations, lighting gear, and adventure for adding exciting new images to portfolios.

Those starting out will get to practice technique and fundamentals surrounded by instructors in an exciting, creative environment.

Photographers should have a basic understanding of their cameras, but don’t need to feel totally proficient shooting in full manual mode.

If you’re not sure, feel free to call us at 702-878-7334 to discuss – we’d love to talk to you…

With us you'll create images like you see on our site, but you'll leave knowing how to create them on your own!

Instructor, Photographer, Daniel Woods

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